June 21, 2009

London Region Activity Day

Sunday Activity Day for All with Walshy and co at North Weald


This is probably the one of the only Sunday's that will be run as an activity day and in mid summer!

Have fun driving in a safe environment in any car you have, increase your driving ability, learn more about your car handling & have a laugh

Enjoy the high speed bend & 2 circuits on the day

Book on the carlimits.com site or call 08707547547

You can view the thread asit runs here ...

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June 01, 2009

Regional Pedal Kart Competition

The London region will be attempting to enterthe Seloc Regional Pedal Kart competition held at Selocfest at Snetterton in June.

You do not need to be attending the Selocfest to help London mount a serious challenege for the title of best region. We will be working over the coming months to build a suitable pedal kart.

The rules are yet to be decided upon however we will be needing those with good minds to design the project, those who like to get stuck in with tools to build the kart and finally those of you like me who will get involved and help out anyway way possible (Fetch Tea).

We might need some people to raid their garages as well to see what odds and sods we can get together as materials.

Please let us know of your interest and support on the forum.



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April 05, 2009

Spring Dawn Run

The first Dawn Run of the year has been set for 5th April 2009 and will be starting in Docklands at 5:30am. We will all be heading over to Ace Cafe for a 7am breakfast.


Take in the sites of London streets as the sun rises. Not only will we be driving past famous landmarks like, The London Eye, Tower of London, over Tower Bridge etc. but you we will be adding some spice to the run and passing through various tunnels in London.
Always an early start and a different run to the usual blast through the countryside. This is a chance to enjoy London at its quietest state.



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March 18, 2009

Ace Cafe Meet

The Lotus (+ TVR) Night at Ace Cafe London - 18th Mar 2009 7.30pm onwards. This month we have a QUIZ!!!!!


Third Wednesday of every month - NW London



Ace Corner
North Circular Road
London NW10 7UD

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March 11, 2009

March Curry Night

East London Curry Night is changing venues this month.
Updates to follow including time (probably 7pm though)

Sign Up!!! http://thisis.seloc.org/showevent.php?eid=2158

Lahore One Restaurant - 218 Commercial Road E1 2JT



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February 28, 2009

London to Brighton Run

23rd August 2009

An early morning drive down to Brighton Marina from Greenwich Park for breakfast taking in the sights, sounds and twisty roads of the countryside.



Sign Up here....... http://thisis.seloc.org/showevent.php?eid=2113

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February 11, 2009

Feb 09 Curry Night

Curry night hits central London for the month of Feb with a new venue "THE PUNJAB RESTAURANT" http://punjab.co.uk/
Set for 11th.Feb.09 (Wed) you can keep up to date with details at http://forums.seloc.org/showevent.php?eid=2056


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February 01, 2009

The SELOC Sprinting/Slalom Event

SELOC's Slalom/sprinting competition open to all!!!

The idea is in it's infancy and is naturally open to change, however I don't want to change the core values, which are keeping it open to ALL members and making it a cheap way for people to get out on a "track" as such.


The details:

Each region could enter cars for certain classes, much like that of LOTDRC (although NO race cars would be allowed). Each region could enter a maximum of 5 cars in whatever class they wanted to. The logistics of this would limit the number of cars, but based on 19 regions that would be 95 cars, but lets say we could run up to 100 cars on the day.

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December 30, 2008

Monthly Curry Night

London curry night to run every 2nd Wednesday of the month. This will kick off 14th Jan 2009, please check the events board on Seloc for venue and details...


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